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Mandarin Chinese is not only the official language of mainland China but also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Do you know that there are eight major groups of Chinese dialects and hundreds of local tongues of Chinese? Do you also know that half of Chinese Americans do not speak Mandarin Chinese of which ONLY half know English well? Chinese language and its varieties per 2000 US census:


I am a native Mandarin Chinese speaker and a professional educator with over 20 years' experience in tutoring and teaching mandarin Chinese, English, math, physics, chemistry and biology at various levels, from kindergarteners in China to graduate students at Sonoma State University in California where I was a graduate biology student myself attending their pre-medical school program on the Earnest L. & Ruth W. Finley scholarship and an assistant to Dr. David Hanes and Dr. Nathan Rank.

I enjoy working with my students' learning styles, inviting their enthusiasm towards learning and guiding them strategically to achieve their testing, growth and learning needs and goals.

I started learning English when I was five. My beloved cousin Jane, who ran the 2008 Beijing Olympics torch on behalf of China, taught me advanced Chinese and proper English every summer break. I became immensely interested in Chinese and English literature, adult novels included, since a young age. I was one of the four student editors of the Jingdezhen Normal College bi-monthly newspaper. My first job after my degree in teaching English as a second language was to interpret and translate for the Jingdezhen Archaeological Research Institute, connecting the Western-Chinese antique and museum societies such as Christie's, Sotheby’s, the British Museum of Art, Musée de Louvre, the Palace Museum(Beijing), Taiwan Museum of Art and Hong Kong Museum of Art. I also translated many articles from Orientations Asian Art, a UK fine arts magazine, into Mandarin Chinese early in my career. These experiences not only helped me deal with the antique art world on a broader scale, fine-tuned my translation and cross-cultural communication skills but also expanded my understanding of people and life in general. In addition, I have co-authored a book for the English-learning community entitled “The Protocols of English.” Business, technical and official documentation translations are my specialty. 


While language and cultural learning is a fun experience involving deliberate guidance, thoughtful delivery, social, cultural subtlety, sensitivity and understanding, it's never too early nor too late to start your or your child's journey. New language skills are like a new pair of lenses into the world that can only enrich our life experiences.  Language and cultural immersion is an art form and it can not be achieved without emotional stimuli nor fluencies in intellectual reasoning.  In the meantime, proper and consistent language training in repetitions improves your mental efficiencies.  This, I would like to refer to as a "positive" and dynamic learning cycle.  

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, investing, golf, cooking, painting, arts and crafts, teaching at private schools and brushing up my French. 

I am based at the heart of Preston Hollow. I service Highland Park, University Park and nearby neighborhoods for private tutoring. My goal as a teacher is to make learning fun, fast, easy and efficient for my students and that over time they become clear and effective communicators in Mandarin Chinese.


Please let me know by calling/texting to: (415) 601 9798 cell or emailing me at if I can help you in any way with your Chinese language, culture learning and joint-venture business communication needs. Your privacy is extremely important to me and it is MMCS' policy to not share your information with any outside parties without your consent. 

"A different language is a new vision of life." -- Federico Fellini 


How many languages do you speak? Are you learning Mandarin Chinese from a  qualified native speaker who cares about your learning growth? How could I help you or your children gain the advantage of knowing Mandarin Chinese and understanding China’s enduring allure as an Asian civilization giant? How could I help you or your children embrace the tremendous opportunities presented by the Chinese boom of our time?


Thank you for your interest. 

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